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February 07 2016


A noticable difference In Mobile entertainment

Sunshades, LLC
car audio austin

The speaker in my car begun to die two weeks ago. It appeared like a set of headphones inside of a paper bag. When my car audio and video doesn't sound correct, I'm not pleased, especially since I use the car to play music on the way to work. I spoken with a number of friends who know a little about cars and so they said that we might want to use this opportunity to have some new replacement parts.

First, they recommended that we get yourself a sound meter in order to accurately detect the gap in sound levels. My buddies have a very lot of exposure to cars, and even they continue to have trouble detecting sound differences sometimes. Additionally, they said to get a new speaker, and be sure that I use deafening material to avoid excess vibrations. Certainly one of my pals can be quite efficient at building, and in many cases built an enclosed sub-woofer box.

Austin Sunshades - Car Audio

The car improved beyond its original sound. The music of the vehicle at the medium volume setting is above what it had been on the highest setting. My buddy even installed a USB port to connect with my music player. It's better than the previous tape deck adapter that I used

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